Thursday, August 20, 2009

"The Plan Won't Accomplish Anything"

I hope these Built to Spill lyrics aren't true because I've been planning my butt off for my upcoming San Francisco trip. I want every little thing to be perfect, so I scour the internet for the perfect hotel, flight, restaurants, activities, etc. Yeah, that might seem to take the fun out of exploring, but really, planning is half the fun for me.

First I had to pick a place for our vacation. I looked at London, Seattle, and San Francisco the closest. SF happened to be the most affordable option, and it's been somewhere Rob and I have wanted to visit for years. Picking a hotel is always an issue since Rob is a germaphobe. Cleanliness is very important. So I went with Parc 55, a lovely 4 start hotel right next to Union Square.

Next came the fun part. Researching things to do. I didn't know much about San Francisco. I was visiting my parents when I booked the trip and my dad said, "What are you going to do there?" I had no idea. Rob's only stipulation was a San Francisco Giant's game, and then later he decided he also wanted to visit Alcatraz. Everything else was up to me.

I started putting together a document with my "must see" spots. Attractions, museums, restaurants, shops. All that good stuff. This is the first of ten pages.

SF Trip

Then I mapped out the hot spots, just so I could get an idea of where everything is in relation to each other.

SF Trip

And after that, I put together a rough itinerary, based on which days certain places are closed, etc. I'll run this by Rob, which I'm sure he'll breeze through and agree to.

SF Trip

We leave on Saturday morning! I can't wait!


tiffany said...

Wow, that is a jam-packed schedule! Are you open to suggestions? I'll assume so: in the Mission, you MUST brave the line at Tartine (18th & Guerrero) to get some of the most delicious pastries you've ever had. If it's a nice day, take them to Dolores Park and eat them in the sun. Then you can walk to Bi-Rite (on 18th) for ice cream if you can stand more treats!

You guys are going to have an AWESOME time. One more word of advice: bring some warm clothes.You never know what the weather will be like, and you don't want to end up having to buy a SF sweatshirt from Fisherman's Wharf!

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan delurking to give you one tiny suggestion on Thursday. It's going to be a long day to bike to Sausalito (the winds make it a tough ride across the bridge) and get to Japantown and make it the CA Science late night event. I'd suggest skipping Japantown or going there for a BIG cup of coffee. Also, if you want to see the planetarium show at the Academy, go there first to get your passes. Oh and bring warm jackets!

Allegra said...

looks like you've done your research. my only word of advice is to remember that summer in san francisco is not like summer in philly. it's COLD. check before you leave and believe what the forecast says. i froze my butt off when i went last july.


Melissa said...

THANKS!!! I'll take any last minute tips I can get!

I have been checking the weather, and I was shocked. I thought San Francisco had perfect weather. Seems like it's been a little chilly lately! I went out and bought a few cardigans, perfect for layering. :)

Tiffany - I like the way you think. Desserts are all I need! ;)

Mrs. Maria said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!

Christina said...

We went to SF on our honeymoon! Sausalito was by far my favorite - the fish tacos at the Sausalito Taco shop are delish!