Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I can't contain myself!

I am ecstatic about the opening of the new Container Store in Cherry Hill, NJ! The grand opening was Saturday, so of course I dragged Rob out there. The wuss couldn't take more than 20 minutes of crowds of people excited about organization. I have a feeling I'm going to make regular stops there. Thank goodness it's on my way home from work. You know, if I take a different route home.

I picked up a few things.

A little pocket record book from Buttoned Up. I always worry that I'm going to get into an accident and the cops won't know who to notify. I know, I'm weird.

But not as weird as Rob. His paranoia is intense. Even though we have an alarm on our home, he insists on barricading the bedroom door, since it doesn't lock. He wants a few extra seconds to prepare himself to fight the burgler, I guess. So for him, I bought this little travel door alarm. He loves it! I thought this would help him rest easy, without creating a fire hazard. But I woke up this morning to my vanity stool propped up against the door. *sigh*

I also picked up some new microfiber dusters, since I just read how great they are in the latest issue of Real Simple. New file folders, even though I don't need any. A greeting card organizer and ribbon container. Everything is so delightful! And I went back last night for a portfolio to hold magazine clippings (mainly of decorating ideas), and two canvas bins for towels.

In a few months, I'm going to be an organized fool! At least I have the fool part covered.


Mary said...

I've never heard of a container store!!!!!!!! That's awesome! I want one here! I guess people in Alabama can't be organized?

And rob with the stool up against the door? TOO FUNNY. Wow, I thought Patrick was bad! :)

miss.supafly said...

I'm getting that pocket record book -- just because it's cute and I like to fill things out.

Trish said...

Hi, Girlie. I live in Huntingdon Valley, so I was doing the nablopomo random thingie, and I saw your cherry hill mention. So I stopped and read, and guess what? I think we're married to the same freakin guy. My hubby is equally weird. He also sleeps with a giant stick under his bed, for beating off intruders. God help us.

Just wanted you to know I'm reading. Take a peek at mine, if you feel like it...

regina said...

(Stumbled here via NaBloPoMo.)

I so heart the Container Store, and SO heart your enthusiastic gotta-be-there-for-the-grand-opening ambition!

I moved from Berkeley, CA to Santa Barbara, CA 10+ years ago, and was dismayed at the lack of such medium-to-large stores in SB. Something about preserving-the-small-town-vibe gobbledygook.

(Thank goodness they at least have Trader Joes!)

When they finally set about to open up a Cost Plus World Market, I visited the construction site regularly and attended the grand opening 3 times in the same day!

Now, if they ever brought in a Target? I'd set up a tent in the parking lot until they opened up the doors. :)