Monday, November 05, 2007

Is wood is the new black?

I've stumbled across woodgrain patters in three different blogs today. Is this the new trend?

Wood Fabric
On the Craftzine blog, they link to this awesome wood fabric.

Wood on Paper
Then Paper Shop ink made mention of this print from Geninne's etsy shop which features a pile of wood.

Woodgrain Folders
And also, from one of my favs, Hostess with the Mostess, there was a link to these gorgeous woodgrain folders from

So, is wood going to be the "bird silhouette" of 2008? Hmmmm.


Patricia said...

Ha! I thought the same thing this morning as I was doing some blog reading.

By the way, CONGRATS on that super great feature in HOW!! Holy cow. It's looks great!! :)

Julieta said...

It's better than all the stupid mushrooms I'm seeing. meh.

Mary said...

Reminds me of my childhood home's living room circa 1984 :)

But, I like the wood look! Especially those folders. Add the floral touch and viola! Instant cool. said...

Me and nic were saying the same thing at the National Stationery Show this year. we saw a lot of wood items and thought it would be the new hot trend of 2008