Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rhinestone Cowgirl

I'm always on the hunt for my new "trademark." Now that the novelty of my hair has worn off, I need a trend that I can latch on to. So I think I'm going to become a brooch-wearer. Sounds like fun, yes? I've been wearing so much black lately, that a splash of color might be nice. Eye candy.

I bought these two lovlies from raineydays on etsy.

images courtesy of raineydays


Julieta said...

How funny. I'm looking for a brooch (I already have one but something different) and a fascinator for my brother's wedding.

Mary said...

I kinda like pins and brooches myself! These are nice! I bought these really cool Russian hand-painted brooches that I wear on my jean jacket. It's incredible how detailed they are...I can only imagine how tiny the brush is. But, one of them has golden cranes on it, one is the story of the frog princess, and the other is goldfish...they are ├╝ber cool.


I like brooches, too. I have one with blue stones that I am going to paint one of the missing stones in with nail polish until I find the right replacement. I get my pins/brooches from thrift stores mainly...and occasionally extreme clearance at JCPenny. Most of my pins are fairly old. I wish that I had more...they are just not easy to find.

miss.supafly said...

"Brooch-wearer" -- I love it! I'm into the all black with a splash of color.