Friday, November 09, 2007


For my mom's birthday, I'm going to offer to take her to Atlantic City tomorrow. She loves that place, but now that her dog has taken over her life, she won't leave it at home for longer than an hour or two. So since Rob and my dad will be around to puppy-sit, I might actually get her out of the house.

My mom is a big gambler. Video poker mostly. And I can see how addictive it is, but I try my best to avoid casinos. One too many bad roulette incidents. Damn that "0" and "00"!! Maybe I'll bring a book and hang out at the bar.

So anyway, I promised I wouldn't be diary-like, so let me share some shopping notes. I want to have a holiday party on Dec 15th. Despite my challenges regarding what time to hold the stupid thing, my other big question has to do with paper plates. Well they have to look nice! Here are some of the ones I was checking out.

Crate and Barrel - Samovaari Paper Plates
I love the pattern, and square plates are a nice change of pace. But it might feel like too much red.

Plum Party's Solid Scalloped Plates
These might be fun with a funky patterned cocktail napkin. Not crazy about the shape. Plus, I don't even know if I want to do red and green. I was thinking maybe a deep red and ice blue. Then again, I'm a sucker for a lime green.

Plates & Napkins Funky Diagonals
I think I'd like these with a solid color dinner plate and solid napkins.

Or, on a totally different level.

Bambu's Veneerware
They don't scream "Christmas", but they are very earth-friendly. Who knows? With the right napkins, these could be very cool! It's not glitzy, that's for sure. But I could decorate around these, I think.

What do you think????


miss.supafly said...

Toughie... I think I vote for the Crate & Barrel plates -- maybe pair them with the green plates from Plum Party?

Jeope said...

Make'm sure they're recyclable.

We're renting plates for our wedding And cutlery and glasses. I forget how much it costs, but when we're done we put the dirty dishes in a box and send them back. Sweetness!