Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In honor of Easter, a resurrection.

This really has nothing to do with Easter.

So last year I created a blog for all the stupid videos I took of Rob singing in the car. But after a few posts, I gave up. Well, I decided to bring it back because everyday he does something that just baffles me. And I have to share it with the blog-reading world. Things like being the only one to refuse the headphones at the Frida art exhibit because of germs. Or refusing to go to the fun cereal bar in town because he doesn't want people breathing on his milk.

So, presenting again, My Goofy Husband, the blog!


marzi said...

OMG! how hilarious. you guys are so funny. wanna be our friends? ;)

stan said...


Yo, just looking at the website banner had me dying. I don't think I can click on that link. You are too funny Mel.