Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Dream Dress

Since the Indie Rock Prom is nearly two weeks away, I had to find a dress fast. Of course, nothing in a department store is going to do it for me. I thought about going to thrift stores and vintage shops, but it's tough finding the right size...since I'm kind of scrawny. So I checked the best place. Ebay!

Initially I was only searching for a "50's prom dress", but I was heartbroken when I lost an auction for a gorgeous poofy red strapless dress. So I kept searching. And for some reason, I decided to extend my search criteria to Betsey Johnson dresses. C'mon, if anything says "indie rock", it's Betsey Johnson!

There were some pretty amazing dresses on ebay, for good prices. A little outside of my budget (which I originally had at $40), but I have always wanted a Betsey Johnson dress. I figured this may as well be a good a time as any. Plus my paypal account was padded from some melissahead sales. It wouldn't really be like I was spending any money.

Then I found the perfect dress. It was like the first one I wanted. Poofy, red, strapless. But much funkier! Well, I just won it!!! So yeah, I spent three times what my initial budget was, but look at this amazing dress! So cross your fingers that it fits me. I can't wait to put it on!


miss.supafly said...

That's so cute Mel! You'll have to post pictures for sure! :)

Brie said...

love that!

Mista said...

Oh, this is perfect!