Monday, March 10, 2008

Mick Jagger was wrong!

I CAN get satisfaction.

So there has finally been some resolution to the "I've Been Robbed" scandal of 2008. After a few emails, I thought that I may have been ignored. But today, the co-publisher of the paper responded to my latest email, explaining how this was a unusual incident for them, and they fully support local artists and they consider themselves champions of the arts. And he agreed to pay my one-time usage fee.

That was much easier than I expected, and I am very appreciative of his level of concern and his willingness to correct the situation. So yay for them!

And yay for me! A graphic I made for my invitations earned me a chunk of money that will pay for a good portion of the party expenses. (If I get the check.)


Jeope said...

Effin' rights!!!

whitney said...

Sweet! Glad it worked out for you (how often does that happen?!?)

lew! said...

good jorb!

Jenn said...

good for them(and you!)

Nice to know it's ain't all bad in the business world.

Kinda scary how many jerks run companies, ya know?

miss.supafly said...

YAY!!! Definitely follow up to let us know that you did indeed get the check.

Mista said...

That is awesome!! Good for you!! When I get really mad, I pull out the "...all over my blog! And all over Facebook!..." I'm sure you handled it more professionally.