Monday, March 17, 2008

More Home Progress

Supposedly our home will be finished in six weeks. That doesn't leave much time to prepare! But the bad news is that they only give ONE WEEK notice on a closing date. Geez.

We went by on Saturday and took my parents to see it for the first time. Watching the progress is so exciting! I can't wait until they put the flooring in!


Mary said...

WooHoo!! Lookin' good.

Anonymous said...

i stumbled across your blog via your flickr photos when i did a search on the town name of where your new townhouse is located. your craftiness is inspiring - your cards are great!

i live in the same development as your new home and have had quite the experience with the builder. the builder will try to force you to close when they want you to close. just remember that you are the buyer!! make sure you either hire an inspector to check the unit out or at least make the builder fix all major things first before you agree to close. i regret to this day that i settled before they fixed everything! nearly 2 years later i am still waiting for builder repairs!

you have to stay on top of jerry to get things fixed. they want to try to force you to settle as soon as they can because they are afraid you will pull out as their timeframe of commitment to deliver the unit is close to their deadline. alot of buyers pulled out due to their delays in the first phase of the development.

the neighborhood is friendly for the most part. parking for guests is rapidly becoming a problem and will worsen when they finish your building and the one next to it. and it's only going to get worse. dog poop is also an issue - people just don't pick up after their dogs! quite annoying. the 'hood is safe and the police patrol frequently (especially after the break-ins from jan 2007 - but no issues since then).

i am posting this comment here because these are things i wish i had known before i bought.

good luck! congrats on the new home!!

Melissa said...

Thank you anonymous!! Your input is so helpful! I hope there aren't too many major things that will need fixing before we move in. Sounds like a pain in the butt!