Monday, September 01, 2008

I need help!

I've always joked that I have a shopping problem. But I think it's becoming serious. I honestly can't walk into a store without buying something. Lately, dressing nicely has been very important to me. Not sure why. But while I've always loved clothes, in the last year, I find myself wanting more and more. I need pants in every style and color. I need more skirts and dresses. I need accessories that match every outfit I own.

Luckily, I don't have any credit card debt. I'm fairly responsible when it comes to my finances. The only thing is that I could be saving A LOT more than I am. I'm hoping that once it gets cooler outside, I won't be going out to shop as much. As long as I can cut out the online shopping, I'll be all good.

Just to give you an idea of what I do, this is a list of all of the clothing items I purchased LAST WEEK. Now, just so you know, it's not like I haven't shopped in months or even weeks. I buy clothes every week. The previous week I most likely bought half as many items, but still. I'm going to need a second closet soon.

pink short sleeve button down
gray short sleeve button down
cream lace cami
black lace cami
light brown long sleeve wrap
black long sleeve wrap
yellow ballet flats
tiffany blue ballet flats
yellow corduroy blazer
purple scoop neck tee
purple scarf
white scarf
silver necklace
purple shirt dress
teal short sleeve scoop neck sweater
brown pin striped dress pants
gray dress pants
black pin stripe dress pants
black pin stripe vest
5 pairs of tights (2 black, 2 yellow, 1 burgundy)
black trench coat
gray long sleeve cardigan
pink long sleeve button down shirt
red skinny belt
black skinny belt

This is the only reason I'm happy to go back to I can wear my new clothes. It's excessive, right? I wish I had photos of all these items so I could make a ridiculous mosaic. But check out these two pairs of shoes I bought! Aren't they the cutest?? I blame that purchase on Danielle.

I'm stopping now. I swear. If I post about anything else that I bought, please reprimand me.


Anonymous said...

Dang woman! Your list of clothes bought in one week is more than I have hanging in my closet!

Maybe you should tell yourself that for every item you purchase, you have to give one item away (charity, friends, garage sale, whatever.) Maybe that will help curb your "sickness"!

I'm actually quite jealous. Lucky.

~ Kimburg

Suzie - Button and Squiggle said...

wa-hoo! That's quite a list. So long as you will actually WEAR all the items then it's not so bad. I am always buying things and then I never wear them. It's bad of me.

If you want to cut down try to think of the environmental impact, I find it helps me a little - when I remember to think of it.

PS - I havn't forgotten about your prize! I'm adding a couple of other things to it, will post by then end of the week (I hope!)

Cat said...

um... yeah, that's kind of a lot!
That's good that you're not going into debt though!!

You should start a 'what I bought today' blog like: !!
It'd be awesome! you could make graphics of the items you bought and then sell them as prints or stationary!

...thereby, making some extra money that you can use to buy more clothes!

danielle said...

I have a shopping problem too. It's not our fault that we like nice things! :)

sublimedesign said...

Where did you find those teal shoes?? I love them!!!

Melissa said...

Amazon! $25! Oh gosh, now it's only $21.59.

miss.supafly said...

Oh my gosh! That's quite a bit of items to buy in week, but it must be WONDERFUL to not have credit card debt... I'm jealous of you for the shopping AND debt freeness.

Alison said...

Holy crapola! That's more clothes than I own! I will say though, I am quite impressed with the amount of COLOUR in your wardrobe. I love it!