Friday, September 26, 2008

Now what?

Things are going super, thanks for asking! Yesterday, my virtual baby Operation NICE was featured in the Daily Candy weekend guide, which was pretty freakin' awesome. My total hit count for yesterday was 8,345. Just to give you a basis of comparison, I normally average around 400. Insane right?

So, now what? I sort of feel like I just reached a goal, and now I need a new goal. Do I make Operation NICE a non-profit?? I'd love to, but that businessy stuff, well to be honest, it frightens me. But I have thoughts about things I'd like to sell. And you know what else I'd love to do? I'd love to do workshops or give talks about the importance of niceness. Kind of funny to hear coming from a self-proclaimed introvert. But I actually love public speaking. I know, I'm weird. Also, I was talking with some friends of mine about the idea of a book...maybe. I don't know.

I feel like I'm at a crossroads, but instead of two roads in front of me, I have twenty. My dad always said that there is no "wrong" path. Each path will lead you in a different direction, but none of them are "wrong". That's comforting. But I also don't want to take the really windy, treacherous, never-ending path. The short, flower-lined, well-paved path is good for me!


marzi said...

i am SO happy for you. such a great accomplishment in such a short amount of time!

whichever path you choose, you'll do great. if there's ANYTHING i can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask. i'd love to help in any way i can.

miss.supafly said...

Mel, I think it's so wonderful how successful O.N. has become -- and in such a short time. I definitely think you've stumbled onto a really important movement and have all the right drive and passion to really expand on it. Maybe for a book idea you can collect ideas and make a book called 365 Days of Niceness. Perhaps it could be a compilation of nice stories and nice projects. No matter what you choose it will be so wonderful.

Mista said...

Ok, ok. Crap. I cam here tonight to see updated photos and indulge in your new house. And how I see all of these other amazing things! Including the outfit vote-off that I missed. I'm sticken around.