Friday, September 05, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Rob and I really try to hit every fun Philadelphia event that we can. Which is why we were super excited to hear a few months ago that the Red Bull Soapbox Race was coming here, on the Manayunk Wall no less! Race day is tomorrow, and it was bound to be a great party with awesome photo potential. "Was" is the operative word here.

But it looks like Mother Nature hates soapbox races because she sure is trying to ruin this one.

They claim that they are racing rain or shine, but heavy rain and wind is definitely going to put a damper on this event. I know there will be a few hardcore partiers out there no matter what the weather, but I'm sure there will be few parties, fewer people, and much soggy discomfort for the folks that stick it out.

Knowing Rob, we're going to try to go no matter what. Unless there's lightning. He hates lightning. So maybe I'll put those rain boots and new trench coat to good use. Either way, I get to end the night with one of my loves, Ben Folds! Plus a full orchestra! And considering the forecast, I'm glad I sprung for regular seats instead of the lawn!

Here's what tomorrow could have been like:

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