Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I can be such an idiot!!!

Yesterday morning when I parked at the train station in Jersey (to take the train into Philly), I noticed hundreds of people on the platform when usually there are only about 30. I thought something might have been wrong, so as I got out of the car, I called my boyfriend, Rob. Turns out it was nothing.

After work, I’m on the train and I go to get my keys out of my bag when I realize I don’t have my keys. Okay, I figure, I must have left them in the car during the commotion in the morning. Not a problem, I have a spare key.

I walk to my usual spot in the parking lot and my car is gone! Oh no! My car has been stolen!! I call Rob but he doesn’t answer! I’m freaking out! I go in the station and call the train police who tell me that my car wasn’t stolen, it was towed. Turns out I must have really been distracted because I not only left my keys in the car, I left my car running!!!! The cop on the phone tells me they towed it so it won’t get stolen and I have to go to Camden to get it released.

Rob picks me up (after half an hour of trying to get a hold of him) and we go to downtown Camden. I sign the papers and they tell me my car is at an impound lot in West Philly!!! And of course the lot closed at 5pm. Oh yeah, and I have to pay 100 bucks to the towing company and the cops also gave me a ticket for leaving my car running! So now I have to leave work early and go to some towing company. They towed it like 40 minutes away from the train station where I was parked! I don’t get it!!

I seriously can’t believe I did this. And I can’t believe it’s this big of a hassle to get my car. I feel so stupid. Ugh, I’m just venting. This is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done.


devon said...

mel! i'm so glad you have a blog :D
i need to figure out how mary did her own special template.... and how you got your picture in the masthead! see ya on the forum!

Mary said...

Now THAT sounds like a nightmare! I'm not a morning person and I can totally understand how someone could do something like that. When I went to a community college back home, I must have left my lights on in the parking lot every single morning. The little golf-cart security guy had to jump me off at least twice a week. It was embarrassing after a while.