Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Is My Music Taste "On the Way Down?"

I admit it, I'm a music snob! Okay, there, I said it! I scoff at popular music! I don't listen to anything that I'd be embarassed to say that I listen to. Other than like Radiohead or U2, I'll never see my favorite bands on the cover of Rollingstone maganize. When I tell most people my favorite bands are Belle and Sebastian or Soul Coughing or Yo La Tengo, they are like, "Who?" And I like it that way!!!

But something bad happened. I haven't been bringing cds in my car lately, so I've been forced to listen to the radio. Every once in a while I'll be blessed with a good song, but I usually find myself spending the whole car ride channel surfing. But I have crossed over to the dark side. I think that crappy song by Ryan Cabrera is so dang catchy! It comes on and I cannot help myself from singing along! What is wrong with me??? I feel like I'm dying inside! HELP! What could be next? Avril Lavigne?? Justin Timberlake?? The Goo Goo Dolls???? NOOO!!!!!

Okay, I really need some Elliott Smith to knock the bad taste right out of me!


Mary said...

I'm a radio listener because I don't have time to be a "music snob". Most of the time, I find that I just don't care what it is as long as I like it. However, I wish I had some more stuff to listen to sometimes. I wouldn't go so far as to say I was into Spears or Timberlake or any of that crap. NO way! But, I do like some top 40 and mainstream alternative and stuff...

Its harder to listen to music in my new office :(
Before I could turn it up pretty high. Here, it tends to echo too much!

devon spec said...

don't feel bad... it's ok!!!!!

i love country.... i love metal, i love top 40, i love almost all the bands you like! and classical! the garden state soundtrack is my new fever :D hehe.

it's so funny, craig is sooo against country, and now i have him singing the choruses of some songs... this one is pretty funny: *ahem*

Pampers melt in a Maytag dryer
Crayons go up one drawer higher
Rewind Barney for the fifteenth time
Breakfast, six naps at nine
There's bubble gum in the baby's hair
Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair
Been crazy all day long and it's only Monday
Mr. Mom"

it's such a cute song!!!

Go Kayak said...

Hey Mel!
People never know the artists that Chris and I listen too either. I have become very partial to Groove Salad on iTunes radio. Wish I could pick that up in my car.

I hardly ever listen to radio here. The programming is crap. The only thing I listen to is NPR and sometimes that even gets on my nerves. What I have started doing is making mixes in iTunes and burning cds. I even stopped taking my original cds to the car. I just burn 'em in iTunes and that way I don't have to worry about damage.

Go Kayak said...

Devon...I'll bet Craig would have a field day with the lyrics from the movie "A Mighty Wind"
Chorus of Old Joe's Place:

Well…..there’s a puppy in the parlor,
And skillet on the stove,
And a smelly old blanket,
With a Navajo wove,
There’s a chicken on the table,
But you got to say grace,
There’s always something cooking at,
Old Joe’s Place

go here:
Select "Enter Site" a window will pop up
Select "The Folksmen"
Select "The Albums"
You'll see a record with Old Joe's Place
Select "Listen to Trak"

Mary said...

The Mighty Wind song will get STUCK in your head! I LOVE IT though :) It really is catchy and quite funny!