Monday, November 22, 2004

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Ahoy maties! Hope ya'll had a pleasant weekend. Mine was delightful, thank you for asking! On Friday and Saturday I went to two art/craft stores and stocked up, spending a little more than I probably should have. But I was determined to be crafty this weekend! Of course, there were many distrations. Number one being Rob, of course. Then there were the duct cleaning guys. Oh yeah, and that nap I took on Sunday. Anyway, I was able to play around a little and make a few holiday cards. Here are some photos.

Here is Santa with a glittery beard and jiggly eyes:

And here's a glittery snowman, also with jiggly eyes. You should see how many different kinds of jiggly eyes I bought! This card also has snowflakes that I punched out and glued on there with a little clear bead in the center.

And this one is kinda plain, but I like it.

I also started making my own personal Christmas cards, but those will be kept a secret until Christmas! :-)

The moral of this post: Jiggly eyes are da bomb!


Anonymous said...

oh geez mel. those are totally cute! :D

now i'm inspired! thanks a lot. my wallet can't handle this?!

Go Kayak said...

Those are cute!
I have so much trouble getting in the holiday mood this early. I couldn't believe Saturday at the mall with the holiday music and decorations BEFORE Thanksgiving!

Looks like you had fun, and uh...take more naps. They are very healthy.ZZZZZZZ

devon said...

why did my first post come up at anonymous?!

oh and mel, i bought a book called "jemima j" this weekend. it is looking pretty good. kinda light reading, like shopaholic!
and OH! i read the shopaholic and sister novel already! looks like there's going to be a fourth! i can't tell you how i know that... i'll totally ruin the end of the book for you! :D

Melissa said...

I want to read shopaholic and sister!! I'm just waiting until I can buy it cheap on or something. I'm still waiting for "Can You Keep a Secret" to come out in softcover. So what happens??? Does she get pregnant??? Is there going to be a Shopaholic Has a Baby book????

By the way, have you seen that in a few weeks "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" is going to be on ABC?? I can't wait to see it! I hope it's done well.

devon said...

yeah, mel! you guessed it. :D
i'm so freakin' excited! can you imagine?! becky pregnant. haha. anyway, target has the hardcover shopaholic and sister for 16 bucks, which is pretty reasonable. see, if i lived beside you, i would lend you books, and have quiet "relations", like a good neighbor should :) haha!!!!!

and OH! I AM SO EXCITED about the abc special! i read the book awhile back, and craig said, "don't get excited, the movie is never as good as the book." and i know that, but i was still kinda excited.... :D

Mary said...

Makes me wanna ditch work and make Christmas cards!!!!