Saturday, November 13, 2004

Me and the Mister

Well hello to the, like, three people reading this! Since Rob is so into photography and takes his camera everywhere, we always end up with picture of me an no pictures of him. Well, I got a digital camera a few months ago and finally put it to use last weekend. Rob and I went for a stroll along the main streets of Collingswood and Haddonfield in good ole Joisey. They were really cute little towns, but unfortunately, we didn't realize that everything would be closed on a Sunday! Needless to say, they were quick visits.

But I was able to snap a few shots before we left.

Here we are along the street. Can you tell it's windy! Bad hair day! I feel like this picture makes my head look huge! I also feel like I actually look Asian in this picture.

And here's one of Rob. I really like this shot, but I hate it when he wears his hat backwards. I tell him he looks like a frat guy, and yet that still doesn't work.

Well, I'm up early on a Saturday because I only have a couple hours to get my mom a birthday present before we leave to go visit. Better get myself into Power Shopper mode! Later gators!


Go Kayak said...

Hi mel!
I'm at the office procrastinating. I have to come up with a mock up for a new marketing kit by Monday! Unbelievable! I was told yesterday (Friday) after lunch. Geez!...anywho...

Like Devon & Craig, you guys are cute! Keep taking pics. What kind of digital did you get? In any of my vacations or trips, I am usually the one with the camera, so I'm never in the pics. That's ok by me because I hate having my pic taken anyway...I'm photo-allergic, not photogenic. And now Chris has a camera phone...zoiks!

Your mom's b'day. Gee there are a lot in November. Devon's Craig, your mom, my dad, my brother...
Have a great celebration with your mom.

Mary said...

Pictures! YAY! I was meaning to tell you that you should post some Rob pics because we hear about him so often.

I need to post my Patrick pics soon. And my decor pics too. Argh. So much to do :)

Just like Devon & Craig....You guys are so cute together!!!

devon said...

ok, here's your third person who posts to your blog!! hah!

wow, rob is an uber hottie!!!! :D

why have you held out on us for so long?! haha.

you guys are da'cutest evah.

come on now mary, your turn!