Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More blogging!

I need to blog more because I have so much to share, so much to rant about.

Maybe I'd be more inclined to blog if my internet at home worked. Oh that's right. After 8 scheduled appointments, 6 of which were technician no-shows, we still don't have working internet. I feel as if the Comcast techs have something against me, or they are playing a joke on me because a missed appointment or two seems almost normal. But six missed appointments? That's just silly. ("Hey look, there's an appointment at that address again. Let's skip it and see if the lady freaks out!") At least they are throwing a lot of discounts and credits our way.

I had a small craft show last weekend. When I say small, I mean barely existant. The venue was great. The free food was awesome. Mmm, pigs in a blanket. But they were lacking in the shoppers department. Not counting the things that my grandfather and father purchased (aww, so supportive), I made a whole $43. Wow, that barely covers my gas! I'm starting to think the show circuit might not be worth it for me. And with how busy my life has been lately, I'm ready to put melissahead on hiatus for now. Not that it'll feel any different from NOT being on hiatus, but at least I'll have less pressure on myself.

I know things have felt chaotic for me, but I can only imagine how it is for Rob. He's working three jobs right now, one of which he just gave his notice to yesterday, thank goodness. He spends three weekdays working from 8am until 9pm. As a couple that spent a whole crapload of time together, this is quite a change. In the beginning I was like, "Wow, I have all this free time to myself!" But now I sit at home watching the clock, waiting for him to get home so I can make him a late dinner and spend a short amount of time with him before I crash. Hopefully when he leaves his third job, it'll get much better.

I have to post some photos of our new/temporary home. Word on the street is that they are breaking ground on our new-new home in two weeks. Finally! They are targeting April for completion. In the meantime, my digs are pretty sweet. I'm enjoying living the high life for now.

I also have to post the photo of my recent press. I'll save that info for a future post.

And in the Melissa work world, well, things could be better. I moved to an office last week, only to find out that they changed their minds. But I couldn't move again until today, so I've been a little displaced since Thursday. (Although I must say, my new new office is great. I'll take some photos.) I was "reprimanded" yesterday for wearing an inappropriate outfit. How hilarious is that? My sweater dress was a tad too short. I knew it was short, but I wore leggings, and it's not like I looked hoochie, but I guess I will be retiring that dress. They gave me a company BlackBerry. That means I am now available 24/7, for the most part. That is a little frightening. *sigh* I could use a vacation.

Sorry for this boring text-heavy blog post. I promise to start being more interesting! I guess I just wanted to get some things off my chest.


Julieta said...

Sorry things have been rough. Must be in the air, because I've had some lousy days, too. Usually I'm an optimist, but not lately. In the words of Norm from Cheers, "It's a dog-eat-dog world and I'm wearing MilkBone underwear."

Mista said...

Maybe you'll come work for Katie James as a designer and have a mobile office in pink and glitter and tulle. Oh, that's my office off the kitchen. I've decided that I need a stable. Of designers. I seem to email the whole darn day.

Mary said...

THREE jobs? What was he doing? My gosh. I hope all that ends for him soon...sounds crazy!