Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10 Things I Love About My Home

It's my place of residence for 6-8 months. A gorgeous townhouse in a beautiful town. There's lots to love about it. But it's the little things that I'm really enjoying right now, a number of which our new house will also have. So here's my list of 10 things that make me happy about my current residence.

1. An ice maker in the fridge - It's so minor, but having ice at my disposal whenever I want it is just awesome! (Thankfully, I upgraded our future fridge to one with an ice maker in the door.)

2. A garage and garage door opener - There are two scenarios that make this great. Coming home in the rain without getting wet, and the ease of unloading tons of groceries from my car. (We will have this in our new place too.)

3. Giant walk-in closet - Yes, I have a lot of clothes. But it doesn't look like a lot when your closet is ginormous. (My closet in our new place will be big, but not as big as my current one.)

4. Proximity to work - It used to take me over an hour. It still takes 30-40 minutes during rush hour, but it makes loads of difference.

5. Proximity to shopping - Dang. There is every store imaginable in a five mile radius. The best is the AC Moore and Michaels about 1.5 miles away.

6. Window seats - The master bedroom has a small one but one of the other bedrooms has one that spans the wall. I took a nap on it the other day.

7. A pantry - Living on my own, I've never had a pantry. So finding space for all of my groceries was always a challenge. Not anymore! (Our new place also has a pantry and I've been excited about it since we put down our deposit!)

8. Fireplace(s) - This place has two gas fireplaces. Our future home has one. I can't wait until it gets cold so I can sit next to it.

9. A laundry room with a full size washer and dryer - An entire room dedicated to laundry? So cool! Okay, I hate laundry. But having a laundry room right next to the bedroom makes it much more convenient. (We will also have this in our new place.)

10. A fan in the bedroom - I'm glad I requested a hookup for a fan in our future bedroom because it's really nice falling asleep to the sound and breeze of a ceiling fan.


Jeope said...

A nap on the window seat in the bedroom? Isn't that like watching a movie on your iPod at the theater?

Mary said...

That closet is bad ass! I wish I had a laundry room that wasn't downstairs and across the complex...and that like hundred of other people didn't have to use :-\