Monday, October 08, 2007

Move it!

Yesterday was the big day. And let me just say, moving is no less stressful than I had remembered.

Issue #1: U-haul
Rob called on Tuesday to see if we could pick up the 26' truck a little bit early. Turns out they did not have a record of our reservation that I had made online (and had a confirmation for) two weeks earlier. So, number one, we couldn't pick up a truck at our desired location; we had to go to a different one. And number two, they only had a 17' truck. Needless to say, even with us bringing over 6 carloads of our stuff prior to yesterday, a 17' truck was not big enough. We had to make 2 more car trips, and Rob still needs to make one or two today.

Issue #2: Comcast
Anyone that knows me knows that the Red Sox are a huge part of Rob's life. So the fact that the Sox playoff game was on tv yesterday at 3pm was a big deal. Rob called Comcast 4 times last week to make sure that we would have cable available to us when we moved in. He was assured that we would.

We were back at the old house, loading up the cars. At 2:30pm, Rob sent me on my way to hook up the tv prior to his arrival. Of course, it didn't work. So I called, praying that I could fix this issue by the time Rob got there. Long story short, they finally discovered that the cable was manually disconnected and has to be manually reconnected (for a fee) today. Rob was ticked beyond belief, and after 2.5 hours on the phone with Comcast, we now have free HBO for a year. Ha!

Other than those two problems, the move was fine. "Temp-house", as I'd like to call it, is insanely awesome. Massive. Luxurious. We'll be spoiled for the 6-8 months that we'll be there. And even though I'm not looking forward to another move in such a short time, I'll be thrilled to finally be in my brand new home...whenever it's ready!

On Saturday, I picked up these gorgeous sunflowers at the farmer's market to make temp-house more homey.

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