Friday, May 16, 2008

Crazy Story of the Week

I dropped by the new house on Wednesday to check up on things. All of the driveways are coned off, and it looks like they are finished. But the landscaping needs some touching up. Unfortunately it's pouring out, and I'm sure that'll delay us some more. I haven't heard any updates since Monday, so it's possible we could close next week. Then again, maybe not.

Anyway, I was leaving my development when I spotted someone walking home from the Riverline (train) stop across the street. As I got closer I realized it was my college roommate of four years! I couldn't believe my eyes! I hadn't seen her in about six years. She had moved to Baltimore for grad school, and other than the occasional email, we haven't really kept in touch. Coincidentally, she moved into my development in December! How insane is that?!

I am still stunned by the small-worldness of it all. It's not like we're in the same town as our college or anything. We both moved away. And yet ended up in the same place. Crazy how things happen like that! We didn't get a chance to chat since she was in a rush and I was blocking traffic, but I'm going to give her a call when we move in. I'm really excited to hear how the last six years have been to her!

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