Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's dish!

Moving into a brand new house, I have a clean slate. Everything is going to be how I want it, in due time. That means buying some new, necessary things, like bedroom furniture, and replacing some of our hideous older stuff, like that awful wicker coffee table.

Lately, I've been dissatisfied with our dishes. I inherited them after my grandmother passed away, so they have sentimental value. I remember admiring them as a kid, but apparently I was a child that enjoyed fruit themed dinnerware. So I have a large collection of Mikasa's Garden Harvest dishes and serving pieces.

Obviously this is so NOT me. Something about it is so mom-ish. I contemplated getting a new set. Or even a few new plates and/or bowls. But I wasn't seriously looking.

Until today. I received an email from Crate and Barrel about their outlet sale online. Ugh. I can't pass up a bargain. So I was picking out a few things, like a fondue set (which I'm sure will go forever unused) and a decanter (which will get as much use as the fondue set). But I thought that maybe it would be a good opportunity to rectify my dish situation.

I wanted something simple. Very simple. And cheap, you know, since my taste will probably change in a few years again. So, after going back and forth in my head for a good hour, I ended up picking up this Maxie Dinnerware Set for $55. I love how the plates are in between round and square. They look so clean and neat.

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tomoko said...

hi melissa! thanks for the comment in my neck of the woods... You seem to be going through some exciting changes with new house, new dishes, new(?) beautiful skin etc. etc.! Best of luck at closing tomorrow.

I'll be at ArtStar (5/31&6/1) once again. Maybe I'll get to see you there? Hi to your husband!