Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Bee!

I haven't even had a minute to post about my house progress. And I barely have a minute now, so I'll make it brief. But I promised some photos, so here they are.

My mom came down to help me this weekend, and I don't know what I would have done without her help!

Thanks Mom!

I painted the living/dining room and left white edges going around the walls. I saw it in a magazine somewhere and thought it was really cool. Plus, not having to paint the edges was a nice bonus!

Living/Dining Room

My office was painted in a Tiffany blue with a chocolate brown accent wall. I really like the way it turned out! That bench is a new Expedit bookcase at IKEA. Hopefully I can get a few little cushions for the top. A perfect window seat!

The Craft Lab

And I finally got a big Expedit bookcase! Seems like a staple for all crafty ladies. The only problem with this room is the small closet. I put up some more wire shelves, but I'm not sure it's going to be enough.

The Craft Lab

This is what my living room currently looks like. Rob made so many trips back and forth with my mom's SUV. I'm hoping we can put most of the boxes away by the time we move the furniture in on Saturday!

Ahh, lovely

This is my favorite part of the house...the kitchen! Kind of ironic since I hate cooking. But look at how cute it is! I was worried about painting the walls purple initially, but I LOVE it!

My Kitchen!

And this is the cute table we got from Craigslist. Perfect for the room! We picked up the chairs at IKEA last weekend. And that milk bottle came from ebay.

Kitchen Table

That's it for now! We also painted Rob's room last night but I have yet to take any photos. I love my home so far! The only issue I ran into was the oven. I tried to preheat it and after ten minutes, all the smoke alarms in the house went off. Yikes. I guess I have to look into that.

Let me know what you think so far!


Mary said...

Probably all the "newness" burning off of the oven! That happens whenever we turn on the heat in our place! Wish we rarely do.

I love everything! So colorful. I'm especially digging the kitchen!

Keep it up :)

~Valentina~ said...

I LOVE the windows! I live in a “cave”, I guess if I have and studio likes yours I’ll work more ;) I love the blue and brown combination (I have the same in my bedroom) and the purple in the kitchen looks great.

Edith said...

I love it! The walls in the livingroom look great that looks very easy to do as well.
The kitchen rocks too, the purple works really well!

YourNeighbor! said...


You didn't tell me about the oven issue! Wow! Scary because the smoke alarms are connected to the central alarm system for the building.... you could have run all of your neighbors out of their homes!

devon said...

LOVE IT! i wish i would've thought to leave "borders!" i hate HATE doing the trim. i dunno why but that blue wall is screaming to me for some bilk! lol.
it would be impossible to be pissed off in that blue room...

POH said...

I love that blue/brown combo in the living room

Traci said...

Hi Melissa! Congrats on finally starting the move in/decorate process! Your place looks amazing - I really love the blue! I look forward to seeing what else you'll do with it.

danielle said...

I love it all. So cute!

miss.supafly said...

It looks great, Mel! Can't wait to see more!

Brie said...

I love every single thing! Major congrats on the purple kitchen - I would have never been brave enough to try that and it came out really really great!

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone!!! I seriously can't wait until everything has been put away. I know it takes time, but I'm really impatient when it comes to unpacking. I'll probably get to the point where I'll just start throwing everything away.

Now that I painted four of the rooms, my white bedroom feels like a hospital. I need to get some paint in there.

Mista said...

Love the blue and brown accent wall!! What a good idea! You have such an eye.

btw, I got Meme'd, and am tagging you!