Friday, December 21, 2007

Custom Work: Holiday Card & Invitation

Every year over the last five years I've done Christmas Eve Open House invitations for the same couple. It's a big project, only because they usually need around 100. And I'm a glutton for punishment, so I always find ways to incorporate bows or glitter or some other torturous hand work that has me doubled over in wrist pain by invitation #47. But it's still one of my favorite annual projects!

This year they wanted to incorporate a photo of their daughter. And they wanted to do a blue/brown color scheme with "snowflakes" suggested. Perfect. Coincidentally it was the same time I designed my January month calendar page with, you guessed it, snowflakes.

I've received some compliments from recipients of the card, so that makes me really happy. I'll be looking forward to designing the next one!

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Jules said...

This is so beautiful! I'm forwarding it to my SIL, since she is due end of December/ 1st week of January.