Friday, December 21, 2007

Custom Work: Party Invitations

Because the holiday invitations that I made (see previous post) were such a hit, I had two folks (coworkers) ask me to work on projects for them! Not to mention one of the recipients may possibly be interested in wedding invitations. I would love to get that job.

Anyway, one of the projects I mentioned was to make birthday party invitations for a 2 year old girl. The parents are renting out a room at this art facility, laying down paper on the floor, and letting kids go to town with crayons and such. Awesome idea! So she wanted something bright and fun. I found the patterned paper from American Crafts at Michaels, and I thought it was perfect.

This was a great project because I only had to make 25! I normally get myself into these things and have to force myself to get through hundreds, but this was a piece of cake! Anyway, here it is. The photos are terrible, taken on my kitchen counter. I'll get some better ones soon.


Jenn said...

cute!- sounds like the place that's near what was the Free Jade Gallery?

looks like you've been all kinds of crazy busy!

Merry Christmas to you and Rob!

Mista said...

So cute! Funny that you said long ago that you were abandoning this stuff, sort of (it was during your move), and here you are still making! You can't stop. mua ha ha.

Jules said...

That's it. You're doing some invites for me this year.

Tenisha said...

Melissa you have beautiful designs. Best wishes to you in your new home!