Friday, December 21, 2007

Let them eat jarred cake!

I read on one of my favorite blogs, How About Orange, about baking cake in jars. Apparently it's great for preservation purposes, but I thought it was perfect for gift-giving purposes! So I made a stop at The Container Store on the way home from work and snagged a bunch of pint-sized jars. Then I stopped at Target for cake mix and icing. You didn't think I was going to bake a cake from scratch, did you? C'mon! I'm a busy lady! I barely had time to whip up the mix!

Anyway, I think they came out super cute. I packaged them up with a label and a spoon, and now the recipients are set to snack. Since I didn't have a chance to try one out, I'm awaiting feedback on the taste. Hopefully they turned out chocolatey-delicious.

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Mista said...

omg! what a good idea!! someone should make that happen with Fresh Direct when I buy my groceries online. I've bought the little chocolate mouse ones that cook right up in a cute little white dish that I get to keep. Good for the cats. Awesome.