Monday, August 25, 2008

I Can See (physicially and spiritually)

I came to my parents' house this morning for a few days of quality family time. On the agenda for today was a manicure, eyeglass shopping, lunch, and a trip to Barnes and Noble.

Picking out frames was much easier today than it usually is! I normally go through a good hour of indecision before I decide on a pair that I really feel so-so about in the end. But today I found about five similar frames, and I really did like all of them. But the pair I ended up buying was the easy winner. Check 'em out!

New frames

New frames

While waiting for Lenscrafters, my parents and I went to kill time at Barnes and Noble. At the recommendation of my father, I picked up Creative Visualization. I have this feeling inside of me that I should be doing something more meaningful with my life than formatting faxes or powerpoint presentations, so I'm going to see if I can find a bit of guidance. My father is a brilliant man, and I take his opinions very seriously. He truly believes in the idea of creative visualization, so I'm going to give it a shot.

I visualize myself doing some serious shopping tomorrow with my mom. I think I can make that happen.


miss.supafly said...

You're just too adorable for words!

marzi said...

once again, adorable as usual!

Anonymous said...

nice ;)

Mrs. Maria said...

The frames are as wonderful as you!

Anonymous said...

do you know just how rad you really are? ps... I need a brilliant dad, let me borrow that.

I'm going to start Operation: RAD.. true story!

Mista said...

Love 'em! And the tie. PS: I mentioned you in a radio interview as a great blog that I read. It was for At some point, the past shows will be available. Nervewracking!

Melissa said...

Aww, mista, I'm so honored!!! Can't wait to hear it!

Rob - if Operation: RAD is solely dedicated to the awesomeness of moi, I'd read it everyday.

Steph said...

Seriously - great minds think alike. I was just about to post on my blog this past weekend about glasses shopping. I'm currently doing my own. The Chanel, DG, and Prada seem to have the style I'm looking for. You pull off the dark rims very nicely. That's kinda what I'm looking for, something edgy, classy, sophisticated and fun. I'll post mine when I find them!