Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm so sneaky, in a nice way!

I know I need to keep this blog separate from Operation NICE, but the things I do for that blog always seem to be worth mentioning over here! And I know I'm being redundant because I'm assuming that the people that read this blog also read that one, but I can at least talk about things more personally over here.

My "assignment" for today was to leave little nice notes scattered about. So of course, I had to be the first to perform this task. I whipped up some little notecards and took a quick walk outside this morning. Hey, I needed to get my Starbucks anyway. So I took a brief detour and left four notes in Philadelphia.

This one was on a park bench outside of my office building:
NICE note

Then I walked up a few blocks and stuck this one on a pole at an intersection:
NICE note

I wanted to go over to the Comcast Center, since it's such a busy building with a lot of business-folk that could probably use a little "nice", so I put this one on a fence near the bike rack:
NICE note

And lastly, I snuck one into the napkin dispenser at Starbucks:
NICE note

All of this was done around 9am, which is a crazy busy time in the city, so I felt a little odd sneaking around, taking photos of my notes. I'm sure tons of people saw me and were wondering what the heck I was doing. But on my way back to the office, I saw my bench note was still there. I'm really excited about the idea of someone finding my notes! It would be great if they would visit Operation NICE and let me know how it affected their day. We'll see. And I sure hope some other folks decide to attempt today's assignment.

EDIT: Okay, something is wrong with me. Above the 2nd picture, where I wrote "walked up a few blocks", I had to edit it because I initially wrote "walked up a few blogs". Oh my gosh. I need help.


five dot design said...

you should go back to each spot on, like, wednesday and see if they are still there!

Abigail said...

This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time - terrific idea!

twitchy fingers said...

Have you seen the Toy Society blog? She puts a little request that you email her to let her know that the toy has been found - perhaps you could add that to the bottom of your wonderful note cards?