Monday, August 18, 2008

Weird incident this weekend #1

I feel like since I started the nice blog, there's been this weird gravitational pull around me.

Yesterday, as we were driving to Barnes & Noble, we noticed something in the street in the middle of an intersection. Rob drove past slowly and realized it was someone's wallet, so he pulled over. He brought the wallet back in the car and looked for a phone number. I suppose no one really ever puts their cell # in their wallet, but gosh, I think I'm going to start because tracking this guy down was more difficult than expected!

I did a reverse address lookup on my trusty iPhone and came up with a phone number for a household about 25 miles away. We called a few times. No answer, no voicemail. Rob tried to call the guy's Blockbuster to see if they could give us a number. Turns out he gave them a bogus number because owes them "a lot of money" according to the Blockbuster lady. On our fifth attempt calling the number I dug up, an older man answered. I asked if was the residence of Mr. so and so. He said no.

No? But his address is the same and the last name is the same. Weird.

Anyway, a few hours later, that same number calls me back. It's the wallet-owner's dad. He thought I was a telemarketer, but his son must have contacted him about the wallet because he thought I might be the one who found it. So, long story short, we met up and returned the wallet. Good deed for the day!

Rob said it was a good thing we found it because he feels like only 30% of people would make sure the wallet was returned. I don't know about that. Maybe I have more faith in humanity than is deserved, but I'd like to think that the majority of people would try to return the wallet. What do you think??


Suzie said...

Hey MelissaHead! I need to send a prize your way (wooo lucky you!). Could you email me your postal address at suzie.haslam (at) gmail (dot) com?

Ta muchly :)

miss.supafly said...

You know, I might assume that only 15% of people would return it... Not that they would steal the wallet's contents, but that they wouldn't do the leg work trying to track down the owner. Very good deed, Mel!