Friday, August 01, 2008

A whole decade already?

My 10 year high school reunion is next month. I was really torn about whether or not I wanted to go. I didn't have the greatest high school experience. I was a geek, dork, braniac, shy girl. I didn't have many friends. And to be honest, I'm sure most of the people going to the reunion aren't thinking, "Hey, I wonder how Melissa Morris is doing?" It's more like, "Melissa who?"

I didn't want to be one of those people that goes back to say, "Hey, look at me now! I'm hot (eh, kinda), and successful (eh, kinda), and people love me (okay, that part is totally true)." I was afraid that would be the only reason I'd go back, with the "I'll show them" attitude. That's just not cool.

Then I got an evite last night and started looking at the folks who were invited and attending. I thought, "Hey, I liked Barbara a lot, and I'd like to thank her for treating me like a human even though she was popular." And "Oh, Karen was so nice! I hope she has a great life now!" So I got a little excited about going. Then Rob reminds me, "Don't we have plans that day?" Huh? Oh yeah, the Built to Spill concert. Well, I guess that made up my mind for me. I can cancel, but it's probably not worth it.

Here are some school dance photos I had handy. Pretty much the only photos I have from my high school career.

Clockwise from top left: sophomore year homecoming (I went with my best friend's gay friend); sophomore year, junior prom (that guy was my first kiss and a total dick); junior year homecoming (with my high school sweetheart); junior prom; senior prom (if I look bored it's because I was); senior prom (I hated that hideous purple dress)

QUESTION: Did you go? Would you go? Will I regret it if I don't go?


marzi said...

OMG! love the old photos! and you're right, you're totally hot, successful, and people love you! in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with going to an event for the sole purpose of "hey, look at me now!"

Suzie said...

Hehe I can totally relate! In highschool I was a drama nerd, on all the sports teams, but hung out with the smart kids. So really, I didn't quite fit in anywhere! My highschool reunion is in October and I can't wait to show off a bit ;) I think all those old photos are adorable, you make a very cute nerd.

devon said...

i say go! i didn't have a great HS experience either, so i didn't go. so i got some pics online from the reunion... EVERYBODY IS FAT and/or BALD!!! yay!!! i think i'll go to the 15 year. :) ps, at least you went to dances even though you were a "nerd"

Steph said...

I think most artsy types had the same high school experience. Why werent we all in high school together? Would have made it so much easier to have been in school with other geeky, shy creatives. All my friends were mostly in my art classes. I say go to the reunion. I think you'll be surprised at how many people remember you and maybe really admired you back then too.

Jeope said...

'98? Pah! Class of '93 rulz! Grunge 4-eva!