Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Starting a Collection

Yes, I shopped again. So sue me. At least I went one day (yesterday) without shopping.

It all started at 12:32. I received an email from russell+hazel that happened to mention a "sidewalk sale." I saw this KIT Business Card Binder and couldn't resist. I always end up throwing business cards away because I don't know what to do with them. But I'd love to keep all the ones I gather, especially the really cool ones. Like a collection.

I also bought the KIT Binder with Paper, just because I have an obsession with binders and notebooks. I don't even use them! It's unhealthy, really.

Then during lunch, I made a teeny tiny little stop at H&M. Well gosh, everything in there is cute and inexpensive! I left with a cute short sleeved, gray and purple argyle turtleneck sweater, a chunky necklace, and the most adorable green dress with little black polka dots. I must take a photo of it because I can't find one online. I think I'm going to put it on before I head out to the movies to see American Teen tonight.


devon said...

why can i never find anything at H&M? WAIT i take that back-i got a pair of dollar sunglasses from there! i *heart* them.

hey, look at it this way, we just dropped 1000 dollars on daycare, and you consider your "things" your children!? right?

miss.supafly said...

how did i miss an r+h sidewalk sale? i'm so ashamed...

jomygoodness said...

i'm sooo like that too... i can't get enough of paper, binders, journals, notebooks, pens, etc. 1/2 of my closet is like Staples.