Sunday, June 10, 2007

Field Day 2007 - Red vs. Gold

Saturday was Ryan's annual Field Day party. Events scheduled were volleyball, wiffleball, rock paper scissors, beer pong, and flip cup. Here are some highlights from the day.

Shirt decorating is always my favorite. I was able to bring along my Be-Dazzler (that's right, I own one) and be-dazzle my first shirt ever. Since Rob was viscious and made an anti-Melissa shirt, I felt no guilt making my own shirt.

1. RJ and Rob, showing off their artwork, 2. Be-Dazzling!, 3. Ryan, Party Host, 4. Leah, wearing the infamous "Rob Muscle Shirt" from 2006

1. Forbidden Love, 2. Preparing for Rock Paper Scissors, 3. Scissors Cuts Paper, 4. Defeated

We ended up leaving during the beer events, so I'm not sure who won. But I'm going to say Gold, just because it's my blog and I can claim what I want.

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miss.supafly said...

Um, I'm a wee bit jealous of that bedazzler -- what a cute shirt! I think I'm going to have to create a field day event for my buddies -- what a cool idea!