Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sally Sells Condos by the Seashore

Selling this place has been mega-stressful. First of all, it sucks to have to clean the place every single morning because there's always the possibility of someone stopping by to check it out. Oh how I hate making the bed everyday! Secondly, it sucks every time someone comes into this house and leaves all the lights on and the doors unlocked. Thirdly, it sucks to never find out any sort of feedback regarding what people think about your home!

Lastly, it sucks to go through the bidding battle. We got a bid this weekend (our first), but it was MUCH lower than what we were willing to give it up for. So we countered. Bidder said no because he was waiting on other offers. They must have all said no because he just came back with yet another bid. STILL lower than what we want. So we countered again. Now we wait. Rob is more desperate than I am, and I know he wants to take whatever this guy comes back with. I'm not as anxious because it's so much lower than what we listed our house for.

But it's a bad market out there for sellers. So I may as well bite the bullet, sell the place, move into an apartment, and count down the days until our new home is complete. Not bad. Hey, if it wasn't a buyer's market, we wouldn't have been able to afford our awesome new townhouse. It goes both ways. If we sell to this guy, we have to move in a month! That'll make July the month-o-packing.

I'll keep you guys updated. In other news, don't forget about the contest below! Winner announced tomorrow evening. Good luck!!!!


kat said...

oh hang in there!
What does your realtor think? Such a hard decision! Good luck!

Sarah said...

Hey you know I posted a while ago that I don't always make my bed and I think I may have horrified evryone and I felt really embarassed! But phew! Neither do you so I feel much better now.
It's funny because in NZ it is a seller's market and everything is so freaking expensive! Good luck!

I am Jen said...

I don't envy where you are at. It is hard to sell a house and not get any input into it. But it is a buyers market right now. UGH! Hang in there. If he really wants it he will meet you half way.

Melissa said...

It's our first time selling, and what a hassle! We keep saying that we're going to stay in our new place forever. We're done with moving!

Still haven't heard back from the realtor. I wish this guy was a little speedier with his decision-making!

Rachel said...

Good luck! If the bidding war continues, tell him you want to hear back by x o'clock.

erinn said...

Yea, this is a long term move for us too. Although I love our agent, I think realtors make the process even more stressful. Hey, we might be packing at the same time. What town is your new townhouse in? My friend just bought a Ryan townhouse. Can't remember exactly where.