Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's the deal with birds?

In design, they are everywhere nowadays! But you know what, I love 'em anyhow! Birdie silhouettes are found everywhere from notecards to fabrics to websites, and I just don't get sick of them.

So much so that I bought two, that's right, two bags sporting little birds.

This first one I bought from Black Bags about a month ago and I've been using it non-stop. My favorite part is the attached key fob, which makes finding my keys in my mess of a bag while walking through a dark parking garage a breeze!

photo courtesy of Black Bags

And a new purchase that hasn't arrived yet is this adorable owl-bedecked shoulder bag from Sugar Cane.

photo courtesy of Sugar Cane

Can't wait to see it!


.freckled.nest. said...

i love birds too... heart melting. i even have a bird tenants... cute tiny birds nested IN the front eve of our house, and it's not damaging we let them return year after year. like seasonal pets.
nice purses!!

I am Jen said...

You seem like you could use some bird fabric. Oh, funny thing! I have some for sale in my shop!

kat said...

so so cute!
I think I need a new summer bag/tote too :)

Mary said...

I love these! I really like all the choices on the black bags site!

erinn said...

I have been craving a new summer bag as well! Love the birds and owls...must go shopping now...

Black Bags said...

I am so glad that the attached key fob works for you. Thank you. Leslie Ann Black
Black Bags

miss.supafly said...

I love that black bags bag! Does it have good pockets or anything? I've gotta have pockets for organizing my crap!

laura said...

that owl bag is ABSURDLY cute i just love it! great shape too :)