Sunday, June 17, 2007

Renegade Craft Fair: Download

It was so great to attend the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn on Saturday, solely as a shopper and observer. The crowds were jumping, much moreso than at Art Star. After an hour long train ride and a few subway trips, we found our way to the McCarren Park Pool which, instead of water, was filled with indie craft vendor after vendor.

Here I am with my mom at the entrance:

I was really blown away by all the great vendors. I couldn't allow myself the pleasure of buying everything that I loved. That would have been silly. But I did walk away with some great stuff.

Here are my purchases for the day:

Clockwise from top left: My treats from an amazing $5 grab bag (great deal) from Sesame Letterpress; geeky Mac shirt from Campfire (and I plan on getting the "City of Crack, Philadelphia" shirt in the near future); set of magnets in a cute tin from Miss Chief; and a screenprinted t-shirt from Ahpeele

I also picked up two issues of Venus Zine, which I really have to get a subscription to. And I bought this shirt ("You learn something new and depressing every day,") from The Onion for Rob. It's very appropriate.

Rob also picked up a few things of his own. He had a tough time deciding between all the hilarious shirts from Dangerous Breed, but settled on this one at my urging.

And he bought two journals from Book Journals. They use covers from old books to make blank journals. One of his covers says "Animal Diseases" and the other says "Sexy Sexy Bicycle."

Here are a few random shots from the event:

There was so much great stuff there, I was in heaven! I grabbed a ton of business cards, so I'm sure I'll be shopping in the future. Some favorite booths (not previously mentioned) included Fisk and Fern, My Favorite Mirror, My Paper Crane, The Black Apple, Imogene, Magpie, Lotta Jansdotter, Fern Animals, The Dyslexic Press, Marilyn Patrizio, Modern Planet, Strawberry Luna, Super Maggie, and So Softies. And there were even more than that, but some booths were too packed to even venture into! It'll take me weeks to get through my little Renegade Event Program to browse through everything I may have missed!

Anyway, hope you found some good links from this post. Gotta support my fellow indie crafters. Who knows, maybe next year I'll have a table at Renegade! If so, I'll have to remember my sun screen because I got some killer sunburn. Doh!


Rachel said...

I'm so jealous! I've been reading about it on all the blogs.

Jeope said...

Nuts to the vendors – I want that Renegade banner!

kat said...

looks like an awesome time... your booth would fit right in :)

Patricia said...

So jealous you were there! Sound like it was wonderful!

.freckled.nest. said...

oh boy! i think i'm drooling; i would LOVE to be a vendor there!
also, you mom is just as funky/cool as you...she looks like your sister!

Suzie said...

thank you sooooo much for covering this! I wish I could have gone to the fair, but oh well, we have some awesome craft fairs of our own in Melbourne (Australia) so i'm not really too hard done by. I guess.

PS, I seem to not be able to subscribe to your feed. Any suggestions? I might just have to remember to check regularly I guess.

tomoko said...

your mama looks HIP! :D

Glad you had a great time... btw who makes the book cover handbags?

Annie said...

heehee! you may be kindred spirits- he got the good on paper box set of feather cards. so cute!!! so glad you could make it to renegade!

sooziebee said...

you are so lucky to have all of these fab craft fayres nearby. We need more of that kind of thing over here, what we do have seems to be sooo 'twee' and not at all indie.
Taking of fayres I have committed to my first one, I have five months to prepare, which seems like ages, but as I haven't produced ANY finished products yet, I have a lot to do!! So watch this space!!