Friday, June 15, 2007

Paper, eh?

You'd think that the paper anniversary would be an easy one for me, but I don't think giving Rob a pack of appointment cards and a set of gift tags is really appropriate. I whipped up a little makeshift Renegade Craft Fair gift certificate for tomorrow, and I have a geeky gift, of course. Microscope slides. Woohoo!

But I thought I'd write a silly little poem for him, like I used to. Figured I'd share with all you strangers out there!

It’s been one year since we embarked on joyful wedded bliss
On June 15th I became Mrs., instead of just a Miss
That year’s flown by and in that time more memories were shared
So now today, we can reflect and see how well we’ve fared

There’s been some strain along the way, we’ve had our share of stress
But I, the optimist, would say it works out for the best
You’ll change your school and things will be superior, by far
And look at me, I’m bound to be a craft girl superstar

We’ll sell our home and probably for a reasonable price
Our driving time will cut in half which will be oh so nice
Everything will be pristine, you’re really going to love it
The bathtub will have naught been used, you will not have to scrub it

And after we have settled down our time it will arrive
Where we could do most anything that our hearts could contrive
We’ll have so much free time on hand we won’t know what to do
And I don’t care as long as it’s free time that’s spent with you

So thank you for this brilliant year we’ve spent as man and wife
And thanks, as well, for years to come as we move through our life
I hope that you enjoyed this little ditty that I’ve penned
And remember, you’re not just my spouse, you’re also my best friend



sooziebee said...

That's sweet!! Bet he'll love it

Julieta said...

What are you trying to do: put me out of business?! :-)

Mista said...

that's a really cute poem. i bet he loved it.