Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What happened to my break??

I thought I'd get to relax, but things have been really busy lately. I attribute a lot of that to my "corporate" day job life, which isn't as relaxed as it could be. But I don't want to get into that!

This week, my outside of work life has consisted of making 100 thank you cards. I kind of wish I would have designed one with less assemblage required, but I'm a glutton for punishment.

Here they are:

They were designed to coordinate with this baby shower invitation and gift tag that I had done a few months ago:

I'm working on a few new melissahead things. There's a new pack of appointment cards that should be in later this week. I'm pretty excited about them! And I'm considering having a little contest because I've been inspired by Tomoko from TADwords. Keep an eye out next week!

Gosh, I have so much to gab about. The world of swapping that I've recently discovered to the fun new bag that I ordered from Black Bags. But they'll have to come later. I am sleepy and still have to clean up my craft mess before bedtime. G'night!

1 comment:

kat said...

oh these are terrific!
I"m like you... for some reason, I'm a glutton for punishment... too many ties, and handmade embellishments! But I think that's what makes them so special.