Sunday, June 10, 2007

Love for "Paris, Je T'aime"

On Friday night, Rob and I went to the movies to see Paris, Je T'aime in Philadelphia. (Our local Jersey Ritz theater has resorted to showing such movies as Evan Almighty, instead of the great independent flicks they used to have.)

Anyway, if it's playing near you, go see this movie! To give you a brief overview, the movie features five minute shorts done by 18 different directors, and they all focus around a relationship in Paris. Some were romantic, some were heartbreaking. Others were just plain weird! Porte de Choisy, I'm talkin' to you. But all were thoroughly entertaining!

So go see it, and we can gab about our favs. (Mine were Quais de Seine and Faubourg Saint-Denis.)

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Sarah said...

Yes this has just opened here and is on my list to see. Thanks for the tip.