Thursday, January 10, 2008

Books > Lots of Stuff

I'm not a big reader. Rob is an obsessive reader. He craves knowledge like I crave Starbucks Café Mochas. (I could go for one right now.) So I decided to make some bookmarks for my shop!

It initially started as a Valentine's Day item, but it expanded from there. So, introducing the melissahead "Books>Other Stuff" bookmarks! (That name isn't official.)

We all know that a good book is greater than a lot of things. And now I proved it mathematically.

(available in my etsy shop)


marzi said...

so cute! i love the >/greater than idea! happy new year!

Suzie said...

they are so cute!! What a great idea :)The icecream one has such pretty colours...I think i'd like to lick it.

Mary said...

Great idea! I like! :) I like the "greater than" font.

devon spec said...

mel! so cute!!!
where did you get the clear pocket to put them in??

diber said...

THese are so fun!!

I need one that says books are great than the internet. *groan*

lady cupcake said...

*Sniff* Sold out?! I hope you're busy making more. I went to buy a set for my sister. I miss you! Just caught up on your blog. I'm so happy for you girl! I hope we can hang in Boston this May! *Hugs*