Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dearest Zicam®

I decided to give you a shot. I was feeling ill today, and your promise to reduce the severity and duration of my cold seemed like a marvelous guarantee. But the "great taste" of your "rapid melts" that you claim? Lies! All lies!

Now I'm sitting here, unable to drink anything for 15 excruciating minutes (well, 12 now). This is a torture far worse than the sniffles!

Shame on you!


patricia zapata said...

we're in the same sniffles boat... hope you get better soon. so not fun specially when you have a 4yr old wanting to play with you all day. pity party? yeah I'm throwing a big one here.

miss.supafly said...

this post has been both fun and educational. i will avoid zicam like the plague. in the meantime, i've been drowning germs with a ny-quil knock off that tastes like liquid black licorice, which is about the most foul thing i think my tongue could be subjected too...

good luck!