Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wii Got So Lucky

MY idea for this Valentine's Day was to get a Wii. I don't want jewelry. I don't want flowers. I want to kick everyone's butt the next time we play Wii bowling at a family function. Sure, I'm not a typical gal.

But of course, the damn things are near impossible to come by. I've been stopping at Game Stop on the way home from work with no luck. Well, yesterday we decided to go out for sushi. And instead of our usual spot, I wanted to go to a closer place that happened to be next door to a Game Stop. We walked in there around 8pm and I said, "Any Wii shipments this week?" The clerk responded with, "Yeah, this morning, but we sold out already."

Damn it!

Then two seconds later, a customer who overheard added, "I was just in Moorestown mall and the EB Games had one Wii left!" So we bolted out of the store to the mall and left with a brand new Wii! Woot woot!

Rob still swears that I'm going to be upset on V-day with no candy or flowers or any of that other traditional garbage. Geez, after 7 years you'd think he'd realize that I'm beyond super cool. He's so lucky.

Current music obsession: LCD Soundsystem (why didn't anyone ever tell me how awesome they are?)
Current food obsession: Dancing Phoenix Rolls (shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with avocado and eel, mmmm)
Current hobby obsession: building Mii's (we already decided to build God, David Bowie, and Conor Oberst)


Edith said...

HI!...I just left some feedback for the Valentine's Coupons I received..and love! Love the Blog too! Have you heard of the Chocolate Mii's? They're too cute.

Jenn said...


I want to steal your Wii, like a 2 year old!

AbbieRoad said...

I love our Wii! We got it for each other for Christmas when they first came out, I had to camp for one, it was insane but worth it!
I'm so glad you have a God mii, I have a Jesus Mii. We also made a Mii for the guy at the Amish Market that we call "Loopy" hehe