Thursday, January 03, 2008, goals.

I'm a follower. That's why I bought an iPhone even though I vowed not to. I can't help but jump on any bandwagon that passes in front of me. Which is why I have to follow the blog trend and list some doggone goals for the year! Plus, if I actually write them, I may feel compelled to follow through with them.

Goal #1: The Blogger
I might not have done so well with NaBloPoMo, but my goal for this year is to post, barring any unforeseen circumstances, at least 3 times a week.

Goal #2: The Crafter
Even if it's something small, like a little felt monster, I will make AT LEAST one thing per week. One card. One hundred cards. Who knows. But I've been a craft-slacker lately.

Goal #3: The Worker
I want to work on my career path. I've been wondering lately if I'll always be a designer or if maybe I'd like to test the waters of advertising. Who knows. But my measurable goal will be to read at least one book (NOT MAGAZINE) per month relating to my field. I'm currently reading an advertising book and a branding book.

Goal #4: The Wife
Yeah, I'm a pretty awesome wife. That's a given. But I could be even better. I need to pitch in around the house more often. I could help Rob out without rolling my eyes. I could leave him little surprises like I used to.

Goal #5: The Home-owner
We should move into our brand new home in the early spring, fingers crossed. I am currently very ambitions about setting up the house the way I want it. It's brand new so it shouldn't require much work, other than painting and new furniture and stuff. My goal is to have the kitchen, living/dining room, and three bedrooms painted within one month of moving in. We'll see about bathrooms. But I really want to get the painting out of the way as soon as possible. And within 3 months, I want to be completely unpacked! (Except for those random boxes that always stay packed until the next time you move.)

Goal #6: The Spender
This might be difficult with the new house, but I have to cut back on the careless spending. Our mortgage is going to nearly double, so I need to be more conservative. I signed up for Mint today (I'll elaborate on it in a future post), and I think that'll help keep me within a budget this year.

Goal #7: ME!
I originally called Goal #7 "The Liver", but liver is gross. This one is about me. RELAX! I'm such a stress-ball. I think it's an east coast thing. But I need to slow down. I want to do at least one thing a week, spanning a few hours, that is JUST FOR ME! A relaxing bath with candles and music. A trip to the spa. A long drive. Something! 2008 is the year of melissa!


Stephanie said...

I just was just talking yesterday about goals instead of resolutions, as resolutions sounds like you are resigning yourself. Goals are more positive. Great list! Also, very achievable goals, which is very important, too.

Jeope said...

Liver. That reminds me of the marquee outside my high school. One winter the drama class was putting on "Oliver!", but instead the sign said "Gordon Bell High School Presents: Liver!"

Suzie said...

All very sensible goals, and I can definitely relate to the first 2 (my blog has completely lost the plot lately!)

And thanks for your kind words about Button. He was a very good pet :)

Jules said...

Great list! A little more reasonable than my 20, eh? I don't know what this Mint thing is, but I think I am going to be all over it. You doubling your mortgage is like me quiting my job. I'm, err, still "adjusting" to our new income. Yikes!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

These are absolutely wonderful! Stick to them and then next year, revisit this list... you will be so proud when you know you've accomplished what you promised yourself. We are so quick to put ourselves 'last'.

patricia said...

Great list! I need to be more specific with mine. I specially like your last one. We don't care of ourselves the way we should.

miss.supafly said...

Great goals! I need to set some for myself still... Maybe I will by Dec. 31st.