Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Shopping

We went up to visit my folks this weekend, and the two things that usually involves are shopping and naps. Both took place.

The one purchase I'm super excited about is my new LeSportsac bag! I had no intentions of getting a new bag, but my current one is WAY too small. I have to fit my iPhone, Blackberry, digital camera, wallet, notepad, hand sanitizer (for Rob), hand lotion (for Rob), keys, and all the garbage that I neglect to clean out. This bag fits it all!

Yes, I am 27 years old. And yes, I couldn't resist the t-shirt wall at Delia's. I picked up a cute t-shirt with a sewing machine that says "Sew In Love", and this shirt below.

The other thing I picked up was a pair of orange winter boots that are adorable! So all in all, a successful weekend!


idyll hands said...

Thanks for heading over to my blog. I saw some of your Valentine's cards the other day at work (can't remember if I found them off of a Treasury or not) but my coworkers and I LOVED them.

Happy Sunday.

Sarah said...

Nice work on the new purchases!
And your new house pictures in progress are exciting. can't wait to see some more!