Saturday, January 05, 2008

Naughty or nice?

I'm planning for Valentine's Day and hoping to have three products available by the middle of next week. These mini Valentine's are the first. There are two different sets (standard or naughty) and each set has four cards with matching mini envelopes.

Mini Valentines
I Love You | Someone Special | You're Divine | Hugs & Kisses

Mini "Naughty" Valentines
Hot & Bothered | Spank Me | Let's Do Stuff | Take It All Off


miss.supafly said...

Ooh, Mel -- these are too cute! I need to get my little "sweet pea" cards in that damn etsy shop of mine, but I'm too freakin' lazy! Thanks for inspiring me to get off my butt!

the ardent thread said...

"Let's do stuff"!!

Those look great. I like your work!