Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The answer to my prayers?

Even though I'm super excited to paint the new house, I'm a little nervous. I'm scrawny and my arms tend to get tired immediately. But the worst part about it all is the taping. I freakin' hate it.

Is this the solution?

This is the Premium version. The standard one is handheld and the premium one can attach to an extension pole and pivot and such.

There were three great reviews about this product via Amazon, which gives me hope since all those other edging doohickies got terrible reviews. If this thing works like the reviewers say it will, then I am on board!


marzi said...

i swear by these things. my hubby doubted me when i first bought one. he was convince it wouldn't work. they are AMAZING!! they do take a little getting used to, (trying to figure out how much paint to use at first) but after that, they're slick!

Jules said...

I actually have the basic version of this tool, and I love it.

Jeope said...

Heh. You think moving sucks. I would move anyday over using an edger to paint trim. Worst. Invention. Ever.

Cherrill said...

I've never had much luck with edgers either. I find a good quality angled brush is your best investment.

Paper Propaganda said...

i like the edger, but it seems if you have a textured ceiling it doesn't work at all, i'm all about the angled brush as well.

Dave said...

Well, just remember that the cardinal rule is PAINT THE CEILING FIRST IF YOU ARE GOING TO PAINT THE CEILING.

*ahem* Now, the edger is good, but it merely reduces the blobs in size if you're not careful. There is a very small window between too much and not enough on the thing.

THAT said, here's the ultimate secret to getting clean lines. Get blue painter's tape - quickly learn that by itself, it's only minimally helpful. Then re-tape and this time paint along the edge of the tape (both on the tape and the wall) with clear glaze. Let dry. NOW paint with actual paint over the same edge (and the rest of the area you want to cover. Remove tape and marvel at super-clean line you now have, and you didn't have to even be all that careful!


emily said...

these totally don't work... those super-cheap foam brushes from the hardware store work much better. It's more tedious work, but the end result is a MUCH cleaner edge.