Friday, April 18, 2008

The Boudoir

I have been struggling over what to do with the bedroom. I think the main issue is that we have no bedroom furniture whatsoever. No dresser. No nightstands. Just mattresses and a frame. Our plan was to get new furniture once we moved. We were leaning toward the Loop collection at Crate and Barrel, mainly because of the affordability.

But since it will probably be a while before we make that purchase, I need to work with what I have, which is nothing really. I thought, maybe I should get a new comforter/duvet. had lots of options, plus I received an email coupon which usually pushes me over the edge. I wasn't really feeling any of them though. This was my favorite.

I liked the splash of yellow and thought this would look great with a yellow wall. But I don't know. Something about the pattern was irking me. I was talking to Rob about it this morning, and of course, his comment was, "What's wrong with our current stuff?"

Well, nothing really. It's great. I bought the Nourish bedding from Inhabit Living a year or two ago, and it's still lovely.

There really isn't any reason to NOT use it in the new house. In fact, instead of buying a new bedding ensemble, I could get a few pillows or new sheets something. Since we haven't ever had an actual bed, I have this hideously cheap blue bedskirt on right now, which looks ridiculous. So maybe I just need to update my bedding accessories. Maybe a pale celery colored wall. It could work!

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