Friday, April 25, 2008

The Walk Through

Yesterday was our pre-closing walk through. We were there nearly two hours, checking everything and measuring stuff. I can't believe how real this feels now.

When we got there, they were putting in the grass. It looks so much nicer with some greenery, and not just dirt, surrounding the place.
Our house...

Here's half the downstairs. I love the floors! They are so...NEW! Unfortunately the view won't be pleasant for some time, but who cares?!
Living/Dining Room

This is the kitchen. I want to get a little two person dinette set to put right by the window. The cabinets are so high that I can't even reach two of the four shelves inside. (Is the purple going to make it look too small and dark???)

The three bedrooms all look like this right now, so I won't bother showing you them all. I'm really happy with the carpets. And I can't wait to add some color to these white walls!
Master Bedroom

And well, I guess that's it for the tour. Decorating is the only thing on my brain right now.


Sarah said...

I love the sunshine pouring through the windows! It all looks great! I can understand your excitement :)

patricia zapata said...

Such a nice blank slate! I can't wait to see what you do!

devon spec said...

holy big living room! i'd love something like that for charlotte when she starts to tear a&& with her little walker. the house we have now, she'll be playin bumper cars with her walker! lol. i can't wait to see what you do either!