Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ode to Craigslist

Last week I read through a children's poem that I had written years ago, so I thought it'd be fun if I posted in that sort of kid's book format a few times a week. Kind of like a creative exercise. Well, I didn't want to write an angry hateful poem about my house (I'm trying to move on!), so I whipped one up about my other current annoyance...Craigslist. Not really Craigslist, but the people who frequent it.

Ode to Craigslist

Why, my dear Craigslist, do you bring me such woe
I am dissatisfied with the grief you bestow
It’s true, in the past, some good times were had
But lately you’ve made me nothing but sad

All I request is a sale of my chair
The condition is good and the pricing is fair
The wicker is dark, the cushion is fluffy
The legs aren’t even a little bit scuffy

I’ve received many emails from women and men
There was Michael, Colleen, Regina, and Jenn
They all scheduled times to come pick the chair up
But they never arrived, and I felt like a schlup

A new email arrived from an interested dame
I waited and waited, but she never came
These false, fickle folks frustrate me the most
But I don’t want the chair, so I go and repost

I hope that in time you will turn things around
And a match for my chair one day will be found
But until that day comes, my darling Craigslist
I will sit in this chair and be seriously pissed


marzi said...

too funny!

and thanks for the nice comment on my blog. you sure know how to make a mama feel good! ;)

daisyjanie said...

Very, very funny!!

Jules said...

I've been having serious Craigslist drama, too.

miss.supafly said...

I meant to comment on how wonderful this poem is! And so true.

Kellee said...

It is so true! Matt says you should just set it up so you only take phone calls, that way you kind of weed out those who 'want that so bad' but forget all about it twenty minutes later.

We've had some mondo flakes, too. When we did our last listings as NO EMAILS, we did actually end up selling an old tv at least. And got a few calls for our other things. Try it!