Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kitchen Art

After looking at hundreds of gorgeous prints, I was inspired to create something for my kitchen. Something to hang on my plum colored wall. C'mon, I'm a designer. If I didn't have something on the wall done by my own hand, that'd be disappointing.

Initially I thought, "maybe a silhouette of a fork". Then it evolved into a diagram of a whole place setting. But that looked much too busy.

So I cut it down to labeled utensils. Nice and graphic. Simple. I like it!

Kitchen Art

Click for a closer view.


marzi said...

very nice!!

Jeope said...

That third one in from the left, we call a "splitter". It's what Canadians use to pick their teeth after a feast of moosemeat.

Anonymous said...

too cute! you should put in your shop!

Melissa said...

Hmm! Maybe I will!

I was thinking about doing a similar one with glasses, since there are so many fun glass shapes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with simplesong... get it in your Etsy shop! SO great. LOVE the diagram labels.