Friday, April 25, 2008

Is that spilled lemonade?

I got a lunch time phone call from Rob earlier this week informing me that one of his students peed all over his desk and chair.

Did I mention he teaches high school?

Gross. I know. Rob was out of the room for a few minutes and someone ran in, did their bidness, and left a little golden treat all over Rob's desk. Luckily it didn't hit any of his personal belongings, and he was able to swap out for another desk. I was surprised he wasn't more skeeved, considering he's a paranoid germaphobe. But he said he kind of expected something like that to happen at some point, and he even made a joke to a coworker a few weeks earlier about that exact thing.

I'm glad I work in a place where I would never EXPECT pee on my desk. In fact, if I walked in and there was a puddle of something, I'd probably stick my hand right in it to wipe it off.

I think the worst part for Rob is not knowing exactly who did it. He has it narrowed down to a few kids. We often joke about the contrast in our working environments. I work in a nice building in Center City Philadelphia. I have a beautiful office, great equipment. No one pees on my stuff. Rob works in a dilapidated building in Camden. His classroom doesn't even have real walls or a door that he can close, let alone enough desks or books for the kids.

Now I'm getting depressed.


Sarah said...

SAY WHAT??!! Ewww! That's so dirty! Poor Rob! And here I was thinking of re-training to become a teacher...

Your Soon To Be Neighbor said...

That is just gross.

Mista said...

Wow. And he has that toothbrush thing, right? He's handling it very well.

miss.supafly said...

I think it's appropriate to say OMFG!!! Was this a malicious peeing incident or a completely random, couldn't-make-it-any-longer situation? Yikes.