Thursday, April 24, 2008

I snooze, I lose

I was thinking about that Pottery Barn subway sign since I first posted about it on Monday. Finally today I decided that I must have it, even though wall decoration is low on my house priority list. So I head over to, and lo and behold, they are sold out.

Dang it. Shoulda known.

I can't be too disappointed, however, because I am crazy-excited about our pre-closing walk through today at 3:30!!!!


Allison said...

I've seen some very similar on etsy, and they come in different colors and cities. I'm not sure how much the one at pottery barn was, but these are only $20. I had bookmarked the them before because I really liked them too!


erin Fuller said...

You should call and see if its really out. My mom does that frequently and more times than not, they can round up one for her.

You should also check out CB2 (crate & barrel 2) for some fun house stuffs stuffs.

best of luck with the move! decorating is funn with two "n's"!!

- lake louie

miss.supafly said...

Try calling a PB Outlet and see if they have them. I did that with the photo carousel I'd been eyeing and they had both sizes and marked down from $100 to $26!!! They even shipped to me from Michigan to Kansas!